SID 2014 Poster Competition Winners

To mark the 11th Anniversary of Safer Internet Day, the BLN ran a competition open to all BLN Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.

You can view the winning posters here

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Sophos Renewal

The BLN team and E-ICT are pleased to offer all Bradford Schools a new discounted renewal to Sophos with a one off charge that covers your whole school until March 2016.  For further details please click here. 

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New Website!

If you have tried to access the learning portal ( but ended up here instead, you need to add this website address to your favourites as this is our new website!  You can still access all of the resources, take a look at our resources section for more details.

If you want to know more about why we have moved take a look at the letter that was sent to school, a copy of which can be found on the ‘letters to school’ page.  If you need to know your EducationCity password or your auto login link, please contact

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Safer Internet Day Poster Winners!

To mark the 11th Anniversary of Safer Internet Day, the BLN ran a competition open to all BLN Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.

The winners can be viewed here.

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Welcome to the home of your new BLN

The Bradford Learning Network Team and the School Reference Group would like to warmly welcome you to your new BLN.

The Bradford Learning Network is a not for profit provider of Education focused internet provision for schools. The BLN is governed by the School Reference Group (SRG) consisting of Headteachers, Deputy Heads and Governors. The Technical Reference Group (TRG) supports the SRG along with the BLN dedicated team within City of Bradford MDC.

The core values of the BLN are:

  • to provide a service that helps meet your needs in Safeguarding children on the internet
  • effectively support Headteachers meet their responsibilities regarding the management of data security and risk.
  • provides equity of access for all learners across Bradford District.
  • offers value for money
  • delivers state of the art technology.

In securing the service with Virgin Media, the BLN has done this and more by providing access to a Public Services Network ahead of the rest of Yorkshire and many other counties. This new network, providing direct connections to the BLN, will be able to accommodate new organisations of schools and links with other public sector bodies. To compliment this new technology Capita will provide centrally managed firewalls to give that extra level of protection and Smoothwall will provide individual firewalls and internet filtering rather than filtering being managed centrally. All this technology provides for greater internet and data security on top of absolutely state of the art services and, as you would expect, complies with all DfE recommendations for your internet provision.

The School Reference Group (SRG) and Technical Reference Group (TRG) have worked alongside the BLN Team to bring you the option’s based BLN provision that you asked for.

In a nutshell the BLN brings each of your pupils the safe, fast, fun internet access they deserve for as little as £6 each per year plus the speed you choose for your connection with no additional charge for staff access.

This site contains all the information you should need to know about the network and registration for your new subscription.

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