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All the below resources are available to BLN subscriber schools.

Cross Curricular Resources

The exciting world of Stig, Sten and the Gang brings learning to life with engaging,
interactive activities and powerful teaching tools, lesson plans and worksheets.

Inspiring, engaging and award-winning, is ideal for children aged between 3 and 12 years old, as well as for older children with special educational needs (SEN). Interactive learning resources cover the core subjects of Literacy, Maths, Science, French, German and Spanish, from preschool, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 transition. NB this is part of a collaborative purchase

Suitable for EYFS, KS1, KS2
ICT SOW Coverage:Data Handling, Multimedia, Research, Sound and Music, Visual Media, Modelling

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ is an online creativity tool designed for education.  Combine text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos and embedded objects on a single web page. j2e is an online, fun, creative environment and once your pag is complete, you can post it straight onto your blog.  J2e can be used throughout the curriculum for document creation, data collection, communication, sharing and collaboration. Features such as the word bank aids literacy whilst the flexibility of the tool allows the creation of stimulating and fun activities in maths, science and other subjects.

JIT Suitable for EYFS, KS1 ICT SOW Coverage:Data Handling, Multimedia,  Sound and Music, Visual Media, Modelling, Programming and Games Creation
J2E Suitable for  KS1, KS2 ICT SOW Coverage:Data Handling, Multimedia, Sound and Music, Visual Media, Modelling, Programming and Games Creation
J2e will be free to BLN schools until April 2013.  A collaborative deal will be available for BLN schools who wish to renew.

Shoofly connected learning resources are a series of engaging stories ranging from foundation stage to year 6 transition.  To support the books there are full lesson plans, activity sheets and IWB resources which you can utilise alongside the copyright free images and soundtracks, a software solution to developing a creative curriculum.

Resources available to BLN schools (please click on links for details)
Moon-bud-ees Suitable for EYFS, KS1
Jack and the Beans Talk Suitable for  KS1 and Lower KS2
Twisted Tales Suitable for Upper KS1 and KS2
Angel Boy Suitable for KS2
Skin Deep Suitable for KS2
Three Little Cowboy Builders Suitable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

And of course the six week Pirate Shared Adventure
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The Big Bus 2.0 engages students with interactive learning activities that reinforce classroom teaching in reading and writing, math, and science. Covering skills from Early Years to 11 year olds, The Big Bus develops 21st century thinking skills and is aligned to core learning standards.
Suitable for EYFS, KS1, KS2  ICT SOW Coverage:Data Handling, Multimedia, Research, Sound and Music, Visual Media, Modelling


This is brought to you as we subscribe to the YHGFL and at the moment this is a free resource to other Grids

Highlights of this site include:
Myths and Legends
Victorian Crime and Punishment
ICT in the Early Years


Sounds and Images

The Audio Network is a copyright free music library only available to BLN schools for use in school.  The library contains thousands of tracks in a vast variety of genres and contains different instrumental versions of classic songs and atmospheric music.  Tracks can be downloaded as MP3 or WAV files for you to embed into your animations, films, podcasts or any other media resource.

Scran – part of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland – aims to provide educational access to digital materials representing our material culture and history.  The learning resource service hosts 360,000 images, movies and sounds from museums, galleries, archives and the media.

Images of tigers, Charlie Chaplin, Sean Connery, a Degas, a Dali, images of war or whaling, standing stones, a pint of beer, an integrated circuit, or line drawings of an acorn or an adrenal gland demonstrate the range. All images can be downloaded as high quality pictures to then embed into whatever you are creating and as they are all copyright free your work can then published onto your school website or blog.

NB this is part of a collaborative purchase

The E2BN / NEN Gallery is a community resource, built and maintained by the education community for the education community.
The Gallery is a growing collection, at present containing around 52,000 Image, Audio and Video resources covering a wide range of topics relevant to the curriculum. Its purpose is to provide a free repository of high quality materials copyright cleared for use in teaching and learning.
There is a teacher’s area that contains guidance documentation, copyright information and case studies of use. By registering users can create and save their own collections, create slideshows of content, and submit resources for moderation and publication

Subject Specific Resources


SUMS Maths activities are designed to drop easily into the structure of existing lessons, adding interest and challenge. Because each activity has a tight focus on a learning point, they are ideal for introducing topics on an interactive whiteboard, and for extension material on individual computers or in a computer suite. All activities have two difficulty levels to support differentiation.  All the games are accessible from home and the summary feature allows you to quickly see which activities each pupil has tried and how well they scored in each activity.
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Birchfields Numeracy Activies cover: KS1: Counting, number sequence, missing numbers, number patterns, odd & even numbers, smallest & largest, greater or less than, addition (3 levels of difficulty), subtraction (3 levels of difficulty), fractions, 2-D shapes and 3-D shapes.

KS2: Missing numbers, number patterns, odd & even numbers, greater less than, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, multiplying by 10, 100 & 1000, division, dividing by 10, 100 & 1000, fractions and many more.
There are lots of games to support individual learning.
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KS1: Alphabet, vowels, consonants, phonics, rhyming, nouns & proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, spelling, reading and writing.

KS2: Alphabet, rhyming words, same sound, different meanings, nouns, proper nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, writing sentences, speech marks, question & exclamation marks, apostrophes and spelling.
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KS1: Seven signs of life, human lifecycle, our bodies, senses, healthy living, animal habitats, plants, materials and electricity.

KS2: Body organs, changing materials, circuits 1, circuits 2, circuits 3, circuits 4, electricity, forces – gravity, germinating seeds and tooth decay.
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