Year 1 create Obb and Bob

Meet Obb…





Meet Bob…





Bob and Obb are the two newest members of Year 1 and are here to help us with our phonics!!! As part of our phonics we learn to read ‘real’ and ‘alien/nonsense’ words. Bob helps us with ‘real’ words and Obb helps us with ‘alien’ words.

Alien words are a collection of sounds that blend together to make a ‘nonsense’ word. For example ‘strom’ ‘sheerch’.

Can you think of a list of ‘real’ and ‘alien’ words for Obb and Bob containing our recent sounds?

oi (like coin)   ea (like bean)   ue (like glue)  ay (like play)   ir (like girl)   ie (like tie)

Thank you

Miss Sugden

(**Please remember that the website has games to practise this **)

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2 comments on “Year 1 create Obb and Bob

  1. holly on said:

    oi, ea, ue, ay, ir, ie
    REAL WORDS: coil, fear, blue, Kay, bird, tire, lie

    ALIEN WORDS: coiber, beag, bueg, gayn, birj, chieg

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