Oxford Owl eBooks

Thank you very much to the staff and children at Bradford Moor Community Primary School who shared a link for this excellent website: http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/FindBook

It has loads of titles from the Oxford Reading tree which you can enjoy reading on your computer. There are also activities for some of the books.  My class has started reading, ‘An adventure for Robo-dog,’ which is all about a robot dog.

Why not read an eBook form the site, post a comment here to say which book you read, what it is about and what you thought of it.

Happy reading!

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4 comments on “Oxford Owl eBooks

  1. mrsjackson on said:

    These books are fantastic for our early readers in Reception and we shall be reading one tomorrow. Thank you Bradford Moor School for the link!

    • Anisa 5mb on said:

      I agree with Mrs Jackson that this website is good for the Reception children to read but that does not mean that nobody else can go on it. REMEBER KIDS!!!!

  2. Anisa 5MB on said:

    I think this is a really good idea because it not only is to help children learn this website can help children write more confidently and will make them more eager to just magpie at least one idea of these story’s. So kids you better start going on!!

  3. Alisha A 5WS on said:

    These books are really good for the year groups.They will help the children read in more confident.They will also persuade them to read books at home because if they enjoy the book that they get they will just read it again and again.They will also improve their reading.

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