Good Comments

When people take the time to write a post, it’s fantastic if you can find the time to write a comment to let them know what you thought.

When you write comments, try to keep these things in mind:

1. Be positive!  Remember to tell the poster the things you liked about the post.

2. If you have any criticism, then write it down, but be positive. Use the ‘even better if’ style of feedback.

3. Just saying ‘cool’ or ‘that’s great’ might make the poster feel good, but even better would be saying why it’s cool.

Comments can be read by anyone from all over the world – teachers, parents, governors, politicians, celebrities (!), so use your best writing skills and try to be as accurate as possible with spellings – take pride in your comments!

4. If you want to tell the poster about one of your posts, then give them the full web address to help them find it – if you’re really advanced, then include a link.

5. Perhaps try one of these comment starters…

I can relate to this
This makes me think of
I discovered
I don’t understand
I was reminded that
I found myself wondering

If we keep these guidelines in mind, our site will be a really fun place to publish our work.

Have fun!

12 comments on “Good Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    The points you described are common but very important indeed. Looking forward to more tips from you.

  2. Imaam morpurgo on said:

    I found out replace time to about to community. In the school of works before keep mind because to expect to do a lesson that not right and welcome.

  3. Those porformance poetrys of Wadanas and Alishas were good because they used actions and knew it fluently and changed there tone and was not ahead of each other and they were excellent at the performance poetry

  4. Hannah and hamza on said:

    The poeple who do good work they could go on the blog.
    The people that do good actings they could go on tv or on the blog.
    If the children be good they can play on the big smart board.

  5. Anisha pullman on said:

    Earth,sun and moon red group vidio was very good.

  6. Ismail on said:

    In the past I been playing in the park

  7. Ismail on said:

    In the past I coud not play with my toys because my mum hided it.

  8. Ismail on said:

    In the olden days my dad did not have toys

  9. peter miker on said:

    this video was very good to wach

  10. peter miker on said:

    this Spanish video was very good

  11. Humairah on said:

    Humairah-My mum played with toys and children did.

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