Good Work Parent Assembly Friday 4th April

Very well done to the three children from Class 12:-
Chris was chosen because he had worked so hard to improve his attitude to learning and to school life in general.
Ben received his certificate for demonstrating a very mature approach to his learning.  He always gives 100% and has shown that he is a good group leader.
Alanah showed that she is 100% committed to everything that she undertakes in school.  She always has a positive apprroach even when she finds things difficult.
Harvey achieved a really high score on his latest reading assessment.
Lewis’s writing based on the animation “The Piano”
Eesha’s careful calculations.
Abigael’s beautifuuly presented writing.
Calieb’s thoughtful writing on “The skin I’m in”.
Aryaan has really improved his reading skills.
Lucy has been working hard on her division skills.
Nathan had used his maths skills to solve problems.
Callum used his “WOW” words to good effect.
Bailey’s pastel picture of the school pond.
Josh carefully constructed his argument to keep the school pond.
Josh, Kian and Aaron have made super progress this term due to hard work and great attitudes.
Jamima uses her homework tasks really well to help her in class.
Milly brought her model rainforest homework project.
Sophie’s dramatic “Flashback”
Caitlin’s diary entry based on her study of Anne Frank’s diary.
Aishah’s persuasive writing to keep the pond.
Great maths work from Tyler.
Aiden has been working hard to produce work that he can be proud of.
Meia has shown great enthusiasm for learning both at home and at school.
Rubaab has been trying hard to perect her handwriting.
Nimrah has been working hard with her writing.
Spencer has been trying hard at home and at school with his reading.
Evie has been spelling difficult words.
Alice was able to use the sounds to help her write the words.
Esme has found out lots of information about castles!
Alice has been working hard to write about her mermaid!
Nandu has worked hard in maths!
Andrew has produced lots of work about castles!
Faiza has produced a great mind map showing everything she learnt about castles.
Janey has created a detailed painting of the character from Robin Hood.
Charlie has been working hard with his writing and has achieved his target!
Frankie Has produced some super sentence work!

Good Work Friday March 28th

The boys’ basketball ball team won the tournament at Oakbank this week and the girls’ team finished second.

Joseph improved his maths score by an impressive 21 points to gain a level 5.

Liam’s teacher is thrilled with his progress in reading.


Kaishi made a “chatterbox” to help other children to learn and remembeer their favourite French phrases.

Eve’s brilliant flashback that had everyone in her class talking about it.



Grace has now mastered and remembered her punctuation.  Great job Grace.



Jack, Tillie and Olivia showed their rainforest homework where they had created three very different but fascinating rainforest models, complete with hidden animals.


Billy impressed everyone with his own game design made in “sketch nation”.

We agreed it is as good as “flappy birds”.


Lucca showed his homework project which was to build and decorate a castle.

This is a great example and Lucca only needed a little help from an adult.


Jenna tried really hard and it paid off with this writing success in Read Write Inc.


Ahmed has been working to help other children both in maths and with games on the playground.  He should be proud of his mature and responsible attitude.  We certainly are.


Reese, Lily and Gemma have worked incredibly hard on their animation project creating an excellent storyboard and a beautiful film titled “HELP”.  we hope to see this at Year 5′s OSCARS in two weeks time.



Good Work Assembly Friday 21st March

Kacie has been awarded for being polite, tidy and well behaved from Brownies- well done!


The following children have reached the next level in Karate – well done!

Molly, Joe,Kayden,Erin, Sky and Evie.

Megan has been busy creating Nessfield’s logo! This will be displayed in our entrace hall.

Ayla has used her great cutting skills to make a beautiful mermaid. Ayla also pressed her Fred fingers to spell the word ‘from’ – well done!Alistair has shown flair for poetry this week!

Phoebe has independently used Microsoft Publisher to make a heart filled with personal memories for her Mum.

Laura has been working hard to halve numbers to 20 – a budding mathematician.

Andrew has drawn an excellent castle.

Bradley has listened well in literacy and applied his learning to create an excellent paragraph!

Rebecca has created a wonderful poster to show the importance of conservation during the 2nd World War.

Abigail, Betty and Kelsey worked as a team to design a Roman villa.

Eesha has worked hard finding fractions of numbers.


Harry has demonstrated fantastic ICT skills using Microsoft Publisher.  This is the start of Harry’s Mother’s Day card.

Zoe enjoyed Mr. Smith’s Air fix club so much that she made her own at home!

Tarryn made her own Rainforest using grass, pebbles and leaves! If you look closely, you can see birds and insects.


Well done to Libbie, Rysa and James in Class 12 for working as a team to create a storyboard for their film.

Can you help Class One?

For Class One’s carpet time we have discussed our favourite tropical, fresh water fish. Freya likes the tetras. Izzy likes the glass catfish. Do you have a favourite fresh water, tropical fish?

Class One’s Tropical Fish Tank!

Class One have a new tropical fish tank! The Reception children and teachers are very excited about learning how to look after and care for the fish. We have a daily fish monitor. There are a range of fish within the tank. The most colourful fish is the ‘Guppy.’ It has a beautiful multicoloured top fin and tail.

The children have also completed observational fish drawings and Yovann created his very own tropical fish tank at home. Well done Yovann!

Recorder Club Homework

Dear Recorder Club Members

Please practise the tune ‘Whistle While You Work.’ Try moving your fingers rapidly between the musical notes D and C, with ease. Continue to practise the regular exercises within your recorder book.

Thank you

Mrs. Rowley

Year 3′s visit to the Gurdwara

On Wednesday morning Year 3 visited our second place of worship this week to link to our RE work. We visited a Gurdwara in Bradford to learn about how Sikhs worship. Had a tour around the Gurdwara and were told all about different aspects of the Sikh faith.

Year 3 visit to the Gurdwara on PhotoPeach

Which features of the Gurdwara can you see in our photos?

Year 3 – Can you tell me something you learned on the visit that you didn’t know before we went?

Year 3 Visit to St John’s Church

On Monday afternoon, Year 3 walked down to St John’s Church at Ingrow. The visit was part of our RE topic on Special Places in which we are focussing on places of worship. The children were told all about the inside of a church and the different features.

Have a look at our photographs.

Year 3 Visit to St John’s Church on PhotoPeach

Can you name any of the different features from the church?

Nessfield Geologists!

On Wednesday 19th March, Year 3 visited Cliffe Castle and took part in a Rocks and Fossils Workshop. There were 3 activities that the children completed helping them to learn about rocks. They learned about common uses for rocks, carefully drew different types of rocks and found and identified different fossils.

Nessfield Geologists! on PhotoPeach

Year 3:
What was your favourite part of the day?
What was the most interesting fact you learned from the visit?

G and T Art Day

On Thursday 13th February 3 children from Year 3 took part in a gifted and talented art day at St Josephs’ School.  The theme of the day was ‘Birds.’

G and T Art Day on PhotoPeach

The children drew different birds, made a collage and then made models using wire and other materials.

Can you identify the birds that the children made?

The models are on public display at Central Hall so if you get chance go and have a look.