Good Work 18th July

Abigail has worked really hard on her Pandora’s Box, she created a net, decorated her box then filled it with bad things and good things.

Lilly-May and Holly worked hard to plan a bat around the U.K. They used an atlas to help them and Google Earth to choose places that looked nice.

Yasmin is Class 5’s star of the week for her super writing about the life of Captain Cook.

We have finished our exciting topic about dinosaurs and Kayden has created a fantastic mind map showing everything he has learnt. He has even written more on the back!

Callum is Class 8’s star of the week for working really hard on is reading and achieving his Accelerated Reader target for the first time! Callum’s latest pass scores are shown in the picture-he has passed every single quiz!

Faith’s big wheel design

Faith was the winner of our school competition to design a huge painting for a bicycle wheel that was part of a Tour de France Land art design.  Faith’s design was painted by some Year 5 children with some specialist guidance from Mrs Long.  We are not sure exactly where it was located in Keighley and have not yet spotted it on any TV footage.  Have you seen it and if so where?

Reward Assembly June 13th

Dhuha wrote a sentence about how to plant a seed,  she then improved her work by writting it again.


Husna has worked extremely hard in her maths recently, she is a confident mathematician and demonstrated this to Mr Williamson with her amazing take away skills.

Jayden has produced two very detailed line drawings. Well done Jayden!

Jude has shown his fabulous note taking skills when finding out about invertebrates using the internet.

Mia is working extremely hard at the moment. Last term she finished a handwriting group and she sets her work out so neatly. This was evident in her half term homework where she produced a fantastic information page about Ancient Greece.


Rubaab worked independently describing her special place, I like the use of her adjectives!

Caden has worked really hard to improve his writing – it is coming on beautifully! Well done Caden-keep up the hard work!

Reegan worked really hard to complete his poem based on Roger McGugh’s poem the Sound Collector.

Jordanna spent time researching headwear as part of our art lesson. She designed a hat suitable for a lady from the 1920’s. Her design was very detailed and she took great care to make the finished project.

Jake has used a magnifying glass to create a fantastic fossil! He carefully listened to facts
and realised that the facts answered one of his very own questions about

Jake has produced a very emotional piece of writing, which includes lots of information about the war.

Charlotte has created a very mature and convincing letter of complaint. Her opening and
closing paragraphs makes what she is writing about very clear. She also used rhetorical questions very well!

Rudy worked independently to create a great piece of descriptive writing about Miss
Trunchaball. Well done Rudy!



Class 11 have taken part in an exciting science investigation.

We investigated where in our classroom was the dirtiest.

We tested many places including:
The sink
Mrs Sharples desk
A pen
A reading book
The door handle
The light switch
The floor
A chair
The window
The clock

Where do you predict would be the dirtiest place?
Why do you think that?

Look back later for our interesting results!

Good Work Assembly 9th May

Joshua has worked independently sorting animals and then
helped Hassan! Well done, keep it up!

Sydney researched and wrote an excellent report about Mount
Elbrus. Her group in class is named after this mountain.

Kayden has been learning about Green Plants and Africa. He
has written about a cactus and how it grows.

Harisah has made a chatterbox to show some of her learning
in science

Natasha has written this brilliant description of
Pestilence. Mrs Sharples is impressed with her use of complex sentences.

Tania has made a super improvement I her spelling skills and
has being determined in her work.


Harry’s attitude towards reading is excellent. His
confidence has greatly improved, now he chooses to read every evening at home.
The comments in his reading record are so positive-keep it up Harry!

Jake has been showing an excellent attitude recently and
working really hard. This shows in all of his work and his literacy is no
exception. He is writing more varied sentences, punctuating more accurately and
extending his vocabulary. Keep it up Jake!

Keiran has worked very hard to draw this bar chart and then
made sure he used a ruler. He also is Class 7’s ‘Perfect Presentation’ of the

Izzy has made this model, she worked very carefully. Well done!

Sherkur has worked really hard to produce this World War 1 report.

Megan has designed her very own postcard-from the moon! Well done!

School Council

A message from our School Council.

Our school council is made up of 11 children from years 4, 5 and 6. We help the school be a better place! We already have held a coffee afternoon, where we invited our neighbours. On parents evening we stayed behind to help serve the drinks, asked parents to fill out the parent questionnaire and some of us recommended books to children at the book fair. The book fair made £1068.89! :-) What would you like to see us do?  Do you have any suggestions for the school shop? Keep an eye out in school for our ‘suggestion box’, where you can answer our questions.

Good Work May 2nd

Charlotte and Liberty were given £5 at Sunday School as part of an Enterprise project.  They used the money to make things, sold them and used the profit to buy more materials and sell them.  They traded up until they had made £132 by the end of Lent.  They donated the money to ACTION FOR CHILDREN.  Absolutely brilliant job girls, well done.


Ben finished the week well with 24 out of 25 in his maths assessment. Great work Ben.

Mollie has completed many sorting diagrams today and even made her own for a friend to solve. Super work Mollie.

Lexie, Morgan and Jake were chosen for their fantastic work using protractors to draw triangles and they had also identified parallel lines.  They all worked accurately and neatly.


Thomashas made a brilliant effort this week, showing a much improved attitude to all his work and also to working cooperatively with others.  He is determined to make good progress this half term.  An inspiration to all!

Read Izzy and Evie’s speech bubbles to find out how they made these spider related models.

Jessica produced this creative, imaginative and descriptive piece of writing which has a great opening.

Yasmin took her time to produce this super chalk pastel picture.

Coincidently it was our sponsored owl, Twilight’s hatch day today!

Kieran showed that he can answer questions about bar charts really well.

Georgina was investigating whether sugar snap pea pods contain odd or even numbers of peas.  She wasn’t too keen on eating them though but showed adventure and a great ‘have a go’ attitude by eventually tasting them.  Well done.

Imogen had been studying world animals and built this great elephant out of clay.  She really enjoys nature, so much so that she has her own nature blog.  Check it out on

and leave her a comment please.

Angel made this bar chart to show which fruit her classmates preferred.  She talked freely about her work and wanted to challenge everyone in assembly with her questions.

Pestilence and plague have hit Class 11.  Subhaan has researched the Black Death and presented his findings in this fantastic format.

Joe wrote this wonderful description of the animals from the story “Handa’s Surprise”

Class One’s New Learning!

Class One have created a mind map about mini-beasts. The children have decided to investigate different types of mini-beasts in the indoor and outdoor environments. Cameron found a spider which he was really keen to write about. Amelia wanted to write about the beetle in the mini- beast hotel!
Do you have a favourite type of mini-beast or an interesting mini-beast fact? Did you know that butterflies taste using their feet!
Take a look at these mini-beast descriptions.

Jake’s Story

Mr. Smith’s New Car

One day Mr. Smith came out of school with a huge smile on his face  he pulled £10,000 out of his pocket.  I saw him from the window, I ran outside and followed him to “Car Motos”.  He went in and 10 minutes later he was in a BMW! He saw me and pressed his the horn.

“Beep, Beep!”

He shouted, “Hi Jake!”

I was amazed at the car he had bought.  He drove it back to Nessfield Drive.  However, he was chased by the man from “Car Motos” who started to bang on the window.  Mr. Smith had not paid! As he opened the window all the cash flew out and blew away.  “Too Bad”, said the man and he took the car back to the shop.

You too could write a short story for our Blog, pass it onto Mr. Smith who will happily publish it for everyone to read.

Good Work – World Book Day

This week’s Good Work Assembly was a day early and focussed on the Classic Children’s stories that each class had bee studying for WBD.

Adele retold the story of Robin Hood in detail and began to use commas in her work.

Declan has used some super adjectives and solid sentence construction to create an excellent description of the mountain troll scene from The Hobbit.

Class 6 read Peter Pan and here are some brilliant character descriptions.

Ben wrote a fantastic description of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Evie and Amie’s reworkings of Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel.


Willow and Finley persuaded the Mountain Troll not to eat them!

A great wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf by Husna.

Imogen’s diary entry for Red Riding Hood.

Jude and Charles designed a dashboard for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Their work is detailed, neat and they worked very well as a pair.

Noah and Mia wrote some fabulous diary entries in role as Robinson Crusoe reflecting his feelings on his first few days on the desert island.