Good Work Assembly Friday 12th December

Akaash has used the mouse to create a winter picture. Then he used the keyboard to write a sentence. All independent-well done!

Lucy has shown a super hard working attitude with all of her cornerstones work.

Charlie has worked hard in his cornerstones topic, his teacher is really proud of him and we are too!

Well Done Kaitlyn for smashing your accelerated reader target with 158%. She reads regular at home and achieves top scores in all her quizzes.

Artemis is class 7 star or the week for her super understanding of the Pandora’s box Greek Myth. She wrote a really sensible moral.

Tarryn made an amazing rat for the cornerstones homework project, well done.

Connor for his excellent contribution to our innovate day. He came up with very creative ideas and asked good questions.

Thomas is putting a huge effort into improving his writing.

Aidan wrote a letter to King Minos to persuade him to let him pretend to be a child and be sent to Crete.

Rowan designed a winter home at home with collage materials.

Lewis has worked hard to write a descriptive first-hand account of a character from the Christmas story. He thought hard to use complex sentences in his writing.

Alisha and Faiza worked really well together to create a collage of a rainbow. They have been using all the techniques that they have learnt this half term to get ready for their art exhibition.


Good Work Assembly 5th December

Kacie has worked independently to research the Peasants’ Revolt and combined information from a video and a text to write about the key events.

Grace has created an outstanding diary entry which included really deep thinking, feelings and creative events.

Jamima has shown a brilliant attitude in Maths’ lessons- resulting in he moving up a group in Maths.

Zain has worked really hard, writing a letter to Jill at Cobbles and Clay to ask if Year 2 can hold an art exhibition. He’s tried really hard to use correct punctuation and finger spaces.

Alisha & Georgia have worked well together to do a recount of their visit to the church.

Dale is Star of the Week for his Theseus and the Minotaur story. He asks about his targets all the time and tries his hardest to achieve them.

Macy measured the art straws accurately to a non-standard unit of ‘one teddy bear’ and so on. Excellent maths knowledge.


Year 1 are learning about weather and seasons. For their homework project they had to choose one season and create a collage, treasure box or draw a picture. Ayla has created an amazing canvas.

Ben, Joshua and Henna have all been chosen for their work on Victorian school was excellent they drew and labelled beautiful diagram of schools to show their learning.

Sami has amazed his RWI teacher with his super sentence!

Wow Charlie! You’re cornerstones themed yellow book assessment is fantastic!

Holly and Kesley were selected for Good Work Assembly for their brilliant dancing during P.E lessons. They have both listened carefully and have improved.

Good Work Assembly November 28th

Mickey-Lee and Ebony have produced a number of amazing clay models-here’s one of them.

Charlie has worked so hard with his handwriting. A great improvement!

Ben has been trying really hard with his cornerstones topic the Victorians, super writing!

Wow, Charlie! We are so amazed by your potions work, you should be really proud of yourself!

Daniel is Class 5’s star of the week for getting 5/5 in his accelerated reader quiz for the last 10 quizzes that he has taken! Wow!

Tyler worked very hard to think of the differences between Rats, Bacteria and Fleas.

Jacob has been selected for using super imagination in his letter to pestilence. He was very creative and entertaining with his sentences.

Liam has made huge improvements in his writing, well done.

Alex is star of the week for his home work!

Molly has got a great understanding  of how to add money together

Izzy in class 3 has made a brilliant holiday board along with a postcard!

Good Work Assembly 21st November

Elliot has produced numerous pieces of super work in his Cornerstones topic. Well done Elliot, for always trying your hardest.

Megan was chosen for good work assembly for writing a brilliant pestilence letter in Literacy.

This is Lily’s homework. We asked the children to write a diary of their weekend because we are studying diary writing in school. This is a fantastic piece of diary writing and I am sure she will just get better and better!

Look at Sakina’s predictions for wacky races. She thought carefully about what might happen and made sensible predictions.

Ellis wrote an excellent, organised story in RWI.

Janey used adjectives to describe the medicine that George made and how he made it.

Chloe has tried hard with her sentences in R.E this week.

Toby has brought this amazing sculpture of Zeus into school, this was his cornerstones homework project.

Kyra has worked really hard in Maths, she worked out the area of different rectangles accurately.

Willow has worked so hard this week, well done!

Lucy’s teacher is very impressed with her subtraction, well done!

Caiden- Wow! Caiden has created a detailed map of our school environment. He was asked to think about sitting on a cloud, looking down and drawing what he saw.



Good Work 17th November

Jack- Wow! Jack has worked really hard on his writing about The Black Death.

Kayden made a brilliant foodscape after looking at the work of the artist, Carl Warner.

Holly worked really hard to improve her first paragraph of predicting what would happen next in the story. She did it independently.

Evie is Class 7’s star of the week for her fantastic art skills- designing a pattern for her Greek plate and drawing Artemis the Greek goddess.

Rayhaan has created an Autumn picture. He thought carefully and used different techniques.

Charles has worked hard to plan, research and write a biography on Queen Victoria. He then carefully edited and re-drafted his work.

Aaron went to Blackpool to see the lights! He decided to create a coloured fan at home. He used collage materials, sustaining a focus. He then labelled his fan image with Mrs Rowley at school.

Class 9 have been working on gasses, solids and liquids in science. Abigail has drawn a picture of the water cycle.

Adam has written a fantastic recipe. He re-drafted this following feedback from Mr Bell.

Libby is continuing to make progress in writing. She has also produced some great sewing along with who has sewn Lily has sewn an excellent sampler.

Bronwyn has produced this super poster based on her cornerstones topic. Which cure would you choose?

Well done Isabel, you have composed a fantastic sentence!

Aidan has really impressed Miss Pearson with his Literacy work, well done!

Lola has worked hard in Read Write Inc, super effort!

Billy has produced some brilliant sentences in Literacy, keep up the super work.

Nessfield Cross Country

Cross country running is a sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain. The course may include surfaces of grass, and earth, pass through woodlands and open country, and include hills, flat ground and sometimes gravel roads. The second Oakbank Sports Partnership Race meeting took place at Cliffe Castle on Wednesday. The Nessfield children who ran were: Lucy Throupe, Rhys Plunkett, Liam and Nathan Metcalf, Sydney Alderson, Lewis Bower, Harisah and Aryaan Ghafoor, Isabel Greenwood, Milly Butterfield, Hannah Morris, Imogen Overend and Jed Whittam. All the children ran well in the cold wet and muddy conditions making it a grueling event and we are delighted to report that Harisah rose to the challenge to secure FIRST place. A fantastic achievement, well done to Harisah and all the other competitors.  Harisah wrote her own sorts report, see above.




Good Work Assembly 7th November

Ben has worked really hard this week learning how to simplify and expand fractions. He progressed by finding a fraction of a number.

Harry has worked really hard in Read Write Inc lessons this week, keep up the great work!

Chris was chosen for Class 14’s star of the week for fabulous homework about the Victorians

Jacob has made a great start to our new topic. He has had so many brill ideas and I am really pleased that his attitude towards his work has changed.

Laura worked really hard to subtract numbers from 20 using apparatus to help her. She did this mostly on her own and has really impressed Mr Bell all week.

Aniqa has worked well all half term. She has worked hard to sketch a perfume bottle design in 3D.

Shannon has shown super addition skills and also problem solving skills.

Betty has been brilliant at fractions this week, including equivalents!

Alfie is Class 7’s star of the week for his fantastic work on Greek gods!

Jasmine worked hard to understand subtraction using decomposition. After listening carefully she applied what she learned and got almost everything correct- well done !

Scarlett’s teacher is very proud of her. She has used adjectives in her writing, can you find any of them?

Frankie has worked really hard in Literacy producing some fantastic sentences telling us what to wear in winter.


Good Work Assembly Friday 17th October

Jake has produced excellent work in maths. He always tries hard and is making much better progress.

Imogen created a lovely superbug by mashing two mini-beasts together (scorpion and fly).

Rebecca- for her fabulous independent work on similes and her superb snappy slogans.

Lucas- for creating an imaginative super bug using super scientific knowledge throughout this week.

Ayaan wrote his African adventure story independently, he has used capital letters and full stops.

Izzy has created a super giraffe and has described how she made it.

Luisa has drawn and labelled a picture of what we should wear in P.E.

Kelsey – for improving her persuasive writing, and responding to verbal feedback. She really made her teacher hungry.

Jamima- has made a fantastic Mexican pinata out of colourful paper mache.

Tobi has created an observational pumpkin image. We think it’s fab!


James has been trying very hard with his reading this week. He has started AR and he is doing really well.

Aryaan impressed the teacher by his PSHE work. He has created a piece of work about people who help him in school.

Braden wrote a great diary entry in his yellow book. You should be really proud of yourself! Picture to follow…..


Good Work Assembly Friday 10th October

Jed has done a fantastic description of this setting; he has included lots of detail.

Angel has done some fantastic work this week. She has worked really hard in year 2 so far and Mr Bell is really proud of her. She knows lots about time, she knows o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

Summer took her time to design her butterfly with a symmetrical pattern.

Star of the week – Rudy for his fantastic vocabulary used in RWI- and in his other Literacy work.

Ebony worked really hard, independently, to create her own dream catcher.

Jake- has made huge improvements in writing, speaking, listening and reading over the last few weeks because of the extra effort he puts in all the time.

Lucas- for trying really hard and creating a developed piece of scenery description using good connectives.

Ayla has worked really hard all week thinking about teams and what this means to be a good team member.

Connor is in good work assembly today for his fantastic writing on the Mayan ball game. He has really pushed himself and worked to the best of his ability.

Zak Taylor is a maths whizz! He loves writing number sums.

Ellie and Olivia have done some fantastic writing. We have been practicing writing exciting sentences and they have both included an outside (inside) sentence.

Jessica – For brilliant subtraction work including borrowing. You are concentrating really hard in every maths lesson.

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Good Work Assembly Friday 3rd October

Take a look at our children’s fantastic work from Good Work Assembly on Friday! Well done to of the children whose work was selected.