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Ingleborough Day 2

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Here are some of the pictures from today – it’s a bit slow uploading so we’ll share more when we return!

Some comments from today…

Amy – Hi mum. Ashwaan – I had lots of fun today. Ava – Hi Mum and Dad, missing you loads and I can’t wait to tell you all the fun things I did. Millie – Hi Grandma Mum and Dad having a really good time the walks are not as crazy as yours! Amber – it was the most tiring day of my life. George – today I went gorge scrambling and walking. Katie - hi mum and dad, I am missing you loads and I’ll see you tomorrow. Mia - hi grandma, grandad,mum & dad, today we went caving and I did lots of challenges. Isabella – Hi mum and dad we went caving today and I was freezing when I got out of the cave. Abigail – we had an epic day! Georgia - dear mum dad and Jacob I’ve had a busy day cant wait to see you all when we get home. Niamh –  Hi mum and dad Ella and Will when we got back from caving I was freezing but then we came in and had a nice warm shower. Saskia - Hi mum and dad, would you mind if I stayed for the rest of the weekend? Nuala - Dear mum and dad and Coleen, how’s the budgie? Eleanor – Hi mum and dad went caving today it was great! Ellie H – Hi Becky can’t wait to tell you all the fun I had. Connor - hi mum I had a really awesome time! Oliver – hi mum and dad hope you’re all missing me! Jacob- totally awesome and epically cool! Aizak – hi mum and dad we went gorge scrambling today it was epic! Adam - Hi mum and dad the food was great! Jack – Hi mum and dad i’ve had a great day and went gorge scrambling today. Daisy - Hi mum and dad I’m having a really good time.  Ellie L - Hi mum and Maddie and Harriet I did gorge scrambling yesterday it was really fun. Rhys - we did gorge scrambling and it was epic! Miss Dawson - Hi Eleanor and Rhianna missing you all lots but having lots of fun!!

That’s all for today folks!

Now on to the dancing…




Ingleborough Hall

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We arrived safely and the sun came out! :)

Here are a couple of photos of our first activities followed by some comments from the children…

We will be looking at forces this half term and using theme parks as an example of forces at work. The links below are a good place to start investigating the forces at work and having fun designing rides.

This is a link to Amusement Park Physics.


This is a marble rollercoaster designer.


This is a rollercoaster ride designer with different levels to access.


Have fun and let me know what you have learned :)

999 Emergency on Stingray Street

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999 Emergency

on Stingray Street!

The children of Stingray class were set a task of writing and recording a series of episodes on the theme of ’999 Emergency’.

The series called ’999 Emergency’ had to tell stories about a range of emergency incidents set in a local fictional community. Each week the scripts had to resolve the issues to make the listeners feel safe and secure.

Listen to what has been happening on Stingray Street and let us know what you think!

Miss Davis and Stingray Class

Theme Tune – Theme Tune

Episode 1 – Emergency at the Restaurant

Episode 2 – Police at Swimming Pool

Episode 3 – Smashing

Episode 4 – Rescue 999

Episode 5 – Emergency at School

Episode 6 – Train Rescue

Episode 7 – The Playground

Episode 8 – The Stolen Trophies


This is a link to the bbc iplayer programme about the role that insects play in our ecosystems. It has some fascinating information in it.


This is a link to the rather more gruesome insect dissection programme which examines the insides of various insects by taking them apart and studying them. Not for the faint hearted and remember – these are scientists who have many years of study behind them.


Choose to watch one or both of the episodes then let me know what you think, the first programme is 30 minutes long – the second is 60 minutes long.  :)


Using creatures to control pests

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On Friday afternoon Narwhals watched a video clip which showed how two types of insects were being used to control pests which damaged and killed crops.
Do you think this is a good idea or not? Blog your ideas here.

Genetically modified foods

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On Friday I showed Narwhal class two information films all about genetically modified (GM) foods. I would like the children to research this subject in more detail and decide if GM foods are a good thing or not.
Blog your views here.

After the holiday we will be starting our imaginative learning project Beast Creator. Please can you research the life cycles, habitats, body parts and functions of different mini-beasts. We will also be looking at scientific discoveries and developing our scientific skills of note taking, researching, investigating and explaining using scientific language.

Please can you start your Super Scientist research online and post links to websites and information you think we will find useful.

Thank you, have a good holiday – Mr Parkin

I’ve added these clips, have a watch of them and then blog about what you think…


Narwhal Maths – again :)

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I’ve moved this link back to the top of the blog as you are all using it to have a go at the online questions. Have fun! :)



It has been a long day for our digital leaders – well done for introducing e-safety to the school. From some of the discussions we have had today the children would like to share this link to the cbbc website where there are resources, short films and games that help to discuss important online safety issues and provide solutions and safety tips to help you manage your online life.


Please reply about what you find useful.