Year 3 tackle Non-Chronological reports.

This half term we have started by looking at the book Rainforest Romp, from the Animal Adventures series.

We decided to take on Non-Chronological reports as we, as a class, thought we could be even better if we had more practice.

First we looked at an example of a Non-Chronological text map.

Can you read our map?  We found it really easy once we got started.

Then we created a toolkit to help us complete our report.

Would you add anything to this toolkit?

We are now ready to write our reports and we will be blogging them soon. Does anyone have any tips they think we need to consider before writing our final Non-Chronological report?

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13 comments on “Year 3 tackle Non-Chronological reports.

  1. Fatimah 4pn on said:

    Can you pleasetell me what the story map says please?maybe you need a headline.

    • Mr Gutkowski on said:

      I agree Fatimah, it is hard to work out a story map to begin with, but I am sure that my lovely class and the whole of year 3 will help you out with reading.

      I will get you started, the title says; Rainforest Animals (if I could underline this I would)

      Lets help Fatimah to read our text map.

  2. iqra 3am on said:

    we use a toolkit to help us on reports and we have mad up moves about reports

  3. iqra 3am on said:

    we have some things to heip us our reports

  4. Hassan/Eric on said:

    mr G can you tell me what your story map tells me?

  5. samirah on said:

    Rain forest animals
    Snakes live all around the world. but most live in the rain forest.
    there are many types of snakes and some of them are poisonous.

  6. Phong 5DH on said:

    Cool in year 5 we also have toolkits.

    strong sentences

  7. zahra 4pn on said:

    i can see some great work going on I think this is a bit hard
    I think you have done a good job

  8. Hello,

    We are a year 3 class, also learning about reports and the rainforest! I was very interested to see your text map and toolkit. I think the class would love to use this too but I have a question, did you find it tricky to write your text map and how did it help you write your report?


    Miss P

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