Harriet Tubman- Freedom Fighter

Watch this video about the Harriet Tubman Memorial.
Look closely at the images around the bottom of the statue.
Can you explain what some of the quilt patches or images symbolise?

Rainforest tribes

Which tribes can you remember from your work today? How are they the same? How are they different?

Florence Nightingale

Our topic for this half term has been Florence Nightingale. What have you learnt about her?

Shape Poems

Our topic this week is Shape Poems in Literacy… What whould you like you write a shape poem about?

Year 5 Animation

Year 5 have created some fantastic animations of Greek Myths. Have a look at them and see what you think!

The Death Of Theseus from Saint Clare’s on Vimeo.

Greek Myth from Saint Clare's on Vimeo.

Greek Myth from Saint Clare's on Vimeo.

Greek thunder

Greek Myth

Next week we will be learning all about the Ancient Greeks and as part of this topic we will be creating our own Greek story with its own monster ! Can you think up a magical monster then describe how it looks and how it moves?
Don’t forget those adjectives and adverbs!

Balanced Arguments

Should all children attend after school homework clubs?

Give me one argument supporting homework clubs and one opposing argument.
Remember to use language of debate and justify the points you make.


How many angles can you see in this picture?
How many right angles?
How many acute angles?
How many obtuse angles?

World Poetry Day

Have a go at learning this Michael Rosen performance poem, Year 6!